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In Memory of Alex Tung

Alex Tung

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing away of Alex Tung, President of Cosmos Education (USA). He died peacefully on 24 March 2010, at the tender age of 31, after more than 2 years of battling cancer which began as rhabdomyosarcoma in his prostate.

We have lost a great friend and inspirational leader, and will be redoubling our efforts to carry on his vision for Cosmos Education in all our regional teams.

Alex joined Cosmos Education in 2002, and first visited Africa as a volunteer in our Under African Skies project of July-August 2003. He demonstrated a keen interest in the goals and direction of the charity from the start, and committed himself to a lasting involvement in our organisation, taking key roles in projects and giving us guidance and insight, right up until the final months of his life.

Cosmos Education will miss Alex's calm and collected approach to even the most heated of discussions, his visionary guidance, and not least of all his wicked sense of humour.

During his time as member and later President of Cosmos Education, Alex was a graduate student at Stanford University who, outside of his studies and research, spent much time on Science Education outreach work among other things. In his various roles he devoted much time to the service of others, and it is for his giving spirit and the many lives that he touched, around the world, that he will be fondly remembered.

Alex kept a log during his fight with cancer, and his friends have updated it to follow his last days. It also has details of his memorial service. You can read it here. If you wish, you can post comments there, or on his Facebook page.


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