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Under African Skies 2004:

Kenya - Photos

Zambia - Photos

There is no 'Away' (.MOV), O'brien Daka (CE Zambia)

The Soap Dance (.AVI), Humphrey Sikana (CE Zambia)

Careers (.AVI), Peter Kanja (CE Kenya)

Zambia 2004 Tree Planting
Kirundi Eclipse: Team member Nzeyimana Felicien tells the tale of an eclipse in Burundi in his native tongue of Kirundi. Working with the head teacher, the story is then translated into Bemba, one of the many languages of Northern Zambia. Kirundi Eclipse
The Students Teach: As part of our visit to schools we encourage the children to share with us something about their cultures. This clip shows the fantastic work of the young students at the Tongabezi Trust School in Livingstone, Zambia as they perform traditional dances of the region. The final dance culminates with a few of our team members - Erin and Iago - trying out a few moves. Tbezi Dancing

Cosmos Education on the BBC:
6 min. profile of Cosmos Education and the 2001 Under African Skies Project. Produced by CircleVision Productions and broadcast on the BBC during the summer of 2001.

BBC Clip

The Blanket and the Stars: Interview with Fezile Vuthela, Cosmos Education team member and South African Astronomer

Interview with South African Astronomer

Reawaken Africa: Interview with Professor M. Mtonga of the University of Zambia. Lusaka, Zambia.

Interview with Lusakan Professor
Wonder, Awe, & Inspiration: Cosmos Ed VP, William Marshall discusses the importance of scientific literacy and demonstrates the wonder of science to students at the Tongabezi Trust School in Livingstone, Zambia. Gyroscope
Seeing Earth: UAS 2001 team member George Whitesides talks with students in Zimbabwe about light and observing Earth with satellites to learn about the weather and climate. Discussion about seeing the Earth

Retumeitse - A Sense of Scale: One of the first schools visited during Under African Skies 2001.

A Sense of Scale
Dinner: A tired and hungry crew around the campfire.
Dinner time at camp


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