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Report of Walk and Science Exhibition

17th May, 2004 (World Telecommunications Day)

Cosmos Education - Zambia

Prepared by: Nicholas Kasoma, President CE Zambia

Date: 10th June, 2004

Project Site: Lusaka, Zambia

The Cosmos Education Zambia Team, with support from Cosmos Education Global, organised the walk from Kafue roundabout to Jacaranda School and a Science Exhibition on 17th May, 2004 to join the rest of the world in celebratying World Telecommunications Day. The aim of the event was to begin a journey with young people in enhancing Science and Technology in their schools and communities and trigger their minds as future scientists, teachers and leaders of our country.

Cosmos Education Zambia provided transport for the participants from and to their schools. The participants wore Cosmos Education and SETI Institute T-Shirts (a donation from the SETI Institute in the USA).

Over 100 people walked with us to the host school, Jacaranda Basic School.


Teachers and students from the following schools:

  • Jacaranda
  • Lusaka Girls
  • Burma
  • Mumuni

And the following organisations:

  • Africa Direction
  • Students from Chainama College of Health Sciences
  • Cosmos Education Zambia Team


  • The Permanent Secretary - Ministry of Science and Technology and Vocational Training
  • The Executive Secretary - National Science and Technology Council
  • Munali Girls High School


  1. Walking from Kafue roundabout via Independence Road to Jacaranda School
  2. Entertainment by Africa Direction Drama Group
  3. Science Project Exhibition by Students (hands-on experiments)


08:30 hrs Participants assemble at Kafue roundabout.
09:30 hrs Participants walk from Kafue roundabout via Independence Road to Jacaranda school hall.
10:30 hrs Arrival of participants at Jacaranda school hall.
10:40 hrs Speech by Guest of Honour.
10:50 hrs Speech by representative from Students.
11:00 hrs Speech by representative from Teachers.
11:10 hrs Speech by representative from Cosmos Education Zambia.
11:20 hrs Cultural dance by Africa Direction.
11:30 hrs Refreshments.
11:50 hrs Science Projects Exhibition by Students from participating schools.
13:00 hrs End of Program


All the participants were on time. By 08:00 hrs, the Cosmos Education team members were in schools with a bus to pick up the participating teachers and students. By 09:00 hrs the Police arrived to ensure safety of the participants and to lead the procession.

The group sang local songs along the way and the students did a great job of carrying the banner from our starting point to the host school. There were no casualties and it was amazing to see the participants full of energy as we reached our target.

Science Projects Exhibition

The Permanent Secretary (Ministry of Science and Technology and Vocational Training) sent his apologies for not officiating at the event due to other pressing issues in his ministry. However, he delegated the duty to the Executive Secretary (National Science and Technology Council of Zambia). He was also unable to make it due to late notification, but sent a message of goodwill.

The speakers explained the significance of such events and the role of science in our communities. The student speaker stressed the idea of engaging young people in practical learning approaches to learning science, such as hands-on activities in the classroom. She advised Cosmos Education to increase the frequency of visits in schools and to support inter-school activities so that students can learn from their friends as well.

The teacher representative advised the audience to continue in the fight against HIV/AIDS and acknowledged the work of Cosmos Education in schools. She encouraged Cosmos Education to work harder and also extend their activities to the hard-to-reach rural areas and community schools.

Cosmos Education, through their spokesperson, pledged support in terms of materials for students to improve the ideas behind their projects they were developing. The Cosmos Education representative thanked the students, teachers, and their respective schools for the wholesome support throughout their relationship with the organisation.


Among the projects exhibited were:

Presenters Project School
Vickness, Thresa Solar Heater Lusaka Girls
Evelyn, Clementina, Memory Nephrone and its associated blood supply.
Letesia, Sharon Gaseous exchange in the alveoli
Frank, Bwalya Electric charge
Nervous function
Burma School
Kenneth, Nancy Water Reservoir
Making simple fan
Malaria prevention using oil to kill larvae
Mumuni School
Gabriel, Kaluba Simple electric magnetic puller
Prisca, Helgah, Amoas Home made insecticide
Controlling the speed of a fan
Chisenga, Simon, Mwaka, Justine Water tank and tap
How to know if an egg is developing
Jacaranda School


After evaluation of the program, we feel it was a success because 90% of the agenda went according to our planned schedule. We thank both the Ministry of Education and Minstry of Science and Technology and Vocational Training for allowing us to work in their schools.

It is our hope that we continue supporting the young people in school in their education and to encourage them to stay in school by engaging and inspiring them as role models.

We extend our appreciation to teachers and students. Also, we thank our sponsors for the wholesome support they have rendered to us throughout our programmes in empowering young people with Science and Technology education in our global projects such as Under African Skies.

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