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Under African Skies 2005: Kenya-Tanzania-Zambia

Cosmos Education recruits professionals and students in scientific fields to visit schools and youth institutions in developing countries, extending Science education outreach programmes in developed countries to the less privileged parts of the world. Since 2001, Cosmos Education volunteers have visited over 100 schools and youth institutions in sub-Saharan Africa, inspiring thousands of youngsters in 6 countries to question what they see around them, and apply scientific thinking to everyday life. With Europeans, Americans, Asians and Africans in our organisation, we believe that our work in Science education is facilitated by connections between people in different parts of the world.


DNA replication played by students. Each year we organise at least one visit to Africa in which our volunteers from around the world visit schools and present hands-on science sessions. The chance to try some experiments and approach new ideas helps to get the students interested and asking questions of their own.

Ultimately, our aim is to encourage young people in developing countries to take the future in their own hands, by pursuing their education and careers, not least technical or scientific ones, in order to bring about sustainable development in their local society. At the same time, our volunteers benefit from contact with new people, cultures and places.


This 2005 schedule was as follows:


In Kenya, Cosmos Education Kenya is Registered Society No. 26710.
In the United States, Cosmos Education is a Project of The Tides Center, a 501(c)3 non‑profit organisation.
In England and Wales, Cosmos Education UK is Registered Charity No. 1100278
Cosmos Education Zambia is registered under the Societies Act in the Republic of Zambia, Registration No. ORS/102/35/3017.