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Cosmos Education Zambia had been active for a while before becomming formally registered under the Societies Act in the Republic of Zambia, Registration No. ORS/102/35/3017. It has been very active all year round supporting various projects within its country, as well as providing excellent on-the-ground support for Under African Skies.

CE Zambia has been promoted Lessons For Life - an educational programme to help young people develop life skills. Working with Global Movement for Children, CEZ helped coordinate an Advocacy Event for World AIDS Day, 2005.

To contact Cosmos Education Zambia, please write to this email address with the subject line "Message for CE Zambia".

Zambia - 2011

Cosmos Education UK and Cosmos Education Zambia organised a project in Lusaka during May and June 2011. Volunteers from Zambia, UK and USA worked in a small number of schools to help inspire students to pursue an interest in science. You can read about our work on this page.


Zambia - 2009

CE UK and CE Zambia ran a project in Lusaka, during January 2009. Our volunteers worked with two schools over the course of three weeks.

Review of 2005 Activies

  • 1st October, 2005--Millenium Development Goals Race
  • 16-21 October, 2005--Ministry of Sport, Youth, and Child Development Sport's Festival
  • 26 October, 2005--Dialogue session with Minister of Health
  • 27 October, 2005--Dialogue session with Deputy Minister of Sport, Youth, and Child Development
  • 29 October, 2005--Launch of the Lesson For Life campaign at Kalingalinga Health Center
  • 3 November, 2005--Dialogue session with Minister of Education
  • 4 November, 2005--HIV/AIDS sensitization activities in Garden Compound with CARE Intl.
  • 7-11 November, 2005--International Science Week activities with the National Science and Technology Council
  • 2 December, 2005--GMC Main Advocacy Event with Minister of Sport, Youth, and Child Development, UNICEF Resident Representative, World Vision National Director, Head of Paediatrics at University Teaching Hospital
  • 2-5 December, 2005--International Volunteer Day commemoration activities
  • 10 December, 2005--Lesson For Life Session on Muvi TV for "White Band" Day and International Children's Day of Broadcasting



  • President -- Obrien Oneal Daka
  • Vice President -- Theobald Banda
  • Executive Director -- Ernest Ngoliya
  • Secretary -- Seko Mtawali
  • Treasurer -- Judith M'hango
  • Director of Education -- Sankalimba Chibale (pending)
  • Director of Fundraising -- Max Muswaba
  • Director of Outreach Programmes -- Liswaniso Mwanalushi
  • Committee Member -- Billy Mwansa Lombe
  • Committee Member -- Clive Hichaba


In Kenya, Cosmos Education Kenya is Registered Society No. 26710.
In the United States, Cosmos Education is a Project of The Tides Center, a 501(c)3 non‑profit organisation.
In England and Wales, Cosmos Education UK is Registered Charity No. 1100278
Cosmos Education Zambia is registered under the Societies Act in the Republic of Zambia, Registration No. ORS/102/35/3017.